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How can we help with the COVID-19 outbreak?
Improving respiratory monitoring during the COVID-19 outbreak
How can we help with the COVID-19 outbreak?

Today we are working with several NHS Trusts to supply N-Tidal devices and clinical dashboards to provide clinical teams with live respiratory monitoring and trending data for COVID-19 patients. It is anticipated that this data will support teams with stepping up or down patients throughout the hospital system, and support teams on when to consider all management options, including when to ventilate.

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How N-Tidal can be used to monitor COVID-19

The N-Tidal is a handheld (CE-marked), fully-connected, secure device that provides insights into lung physiology from patients’ normal breathing, at rest. It transmits data in real-time, securely, via 2/3G mobile phone networks to the company’s proprietary cloud-based software platform.

Patients on COVID-19 wards can be allocated individual N-Tidal devices, and can record multiple daily readings (at the same time as regular clinical observations), without the need for supervision. This longitudinal data, similar to that available in ITU, may provide teams with a picture of a patients’ evolving clinical condition, and help identify patients who are deteriorating early.

We have designed ward-based, hospital-wide and central NHS trust monitoring systems.

Infection prevention control

The N-Tidal device is compliant with all the new breath pathway standards and, crucially, is non-aerosol-generating.

The design incorporates two replaceable parts which form a single user, disposable breath pathway. These are separate from the rest of the device and can be simply replaced between users.

We have sought senior independent microbiology advice in partnership with a NHS trust for cleaning the device in the context of COVID-19, compliant with current national NHS guidelines.

Cloud based Software and Service

Our platform is designed to deliver Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that will provide key actionable insights at the point of care for researchers, clinical teams, and the NHS more broadly.

Our secure web dashboard can be used by clinical teams in a ward setting, and by the NHS more broadly wanting to track patients across the nation.

Our cloud platform deploys our latest data analytics solutions to provide information on respiratory physiology on the web dashboard, that may assist in diagnosis, management and monitoring of patients with COVID-19 infections.

We have carefully designed the clinical dashboard to highlight physiological changes over time, that we might expect to see in COVID-19 patients who are deteriorating.

Our aim is to help detect deterioration early to facilitate early intervention (e.g. with intubation) and save lives.