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Cambridge Respiratory Innovations was founded in 2013 with the aim of transforming respiratory care. Our patent-protected technology brings the world's first ultra-high sensitivity hand-held fully-connected capnometer to the front lines of healthcare. With our proprietary data analytics software platform and artificial intelligence solutions, we provide actionable insights at the point of care.

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Our Solutions

N-Tidal Device

Simple to use, connected, handheld device

Clinical Trials & Research

High-quality data from every breath

Clinical Services

Actionable insights at the point of care

N-Tidal Device

Thanks to our CE-marked, proprietary, CO2 sensing technologies, we are able to collect more data from normal breathing than ever before, providing new insights into lung function. Our fully connected hand-held device is simple to use, requires little-to-no training and is perfect for use within the clinic or at home. The device is suitable for patients as young as 4 years old as well as the elderly. With unique insights, as well as correlations to FEV1, PEF and FEV25-75, the N-Tidal brings a new paradigm in the diagnosis, monitoring and management of cardiorespiratory conditions.

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Clinical Trials & Research

We are supporting several clinical research projects and international clinical trials, scheduled to go live in Q2 2020. Our services provide simple and accurate methods to:

  • Diagnose
  • Monitor
  • Manage
cardiorespiratory conditions in the clinic or at home. Thanks to the sensitivity of our systems we can monitor drug impact, and therefore compliance, either at the point of care or remotely.

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Clinical Services

Our mission is to bring specialist cardiorespiratory care into the generalist setting and home. Thanks to our proprietary software platform, we aim to support care teams and their patients through actionable insights, for example:

  • Simple accurate diagnosis and disease classification
  • Disease progression monitoring
  • Response to medication
  • Compliance to medication
  • Early warning of deterioration and exacerbation
  • Longitudinal studies.

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